Here to Serve You

Is you Technology working against you?

  • Is it slow

  • Is forever crashing or breaking down?

  • Is it just not doing what it is supposed to do?

This is when a call to us will help you. We can come in and find out why and then most importantly sort it all out?

Are you being supported well or at all?

  • ​Is there someone helping you?

  • Are you being looked after properly and cost effectively?

  • I just need to talk to someone about this.

Are you concerned about stay secure or legal?

  • GDPR?

  • Malware or Viruses?

  • Hacking and what could happen if?

We have been providing support for many years. First large companies such as Estee Lauder, Nokia and Bacardi. From there we started working with smaller organizations. Staff from 1 user to 20 people.


Our aim now is to ensure that you can run your business as efficiently. Without your IT getting in the way.


We do this in two ways. We aim to get to know your business and how it operates. Your needs and pain points from there we look at. Then how your currant IT is set up, we then work with you to ensure it is doing all it needs to. Following this we will then work with you and our partners to tweak what needs to be and change where required. The one thing we will not do is fix what does not need fixing.


Our Team

Angus Edwards Eset.jpeg

Full suite of award winning security services. Providing us with provisioning advice and second line support

Open Space Office

Provision of Cloud Services such as Azure based product including business grade Office 365, Teams and other Cloud based products.

Setup and Second Line Support.


First Class telephone service, Desktop phones, Land line to Mobile and Microsoft teams. 

Set up support and second line support.

Beyond Encryption.png
Lee Curtis.jpeg

Lee has worked within cyber security for the last 12 years, he now specialises is outbound secure communications

He has alongside Kingstar for many years and will support them where needed.

Kiran Francis.jpeg

Cloud and Local backup, Data, Email, 365. Disaster Recovery. Monitoring and Second Line support

Support Call

Provides us with of products that help protect you against Phishing, Professional Password Security and Ransomware attacks. Setup and Second line support.