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Over time Kingstar Services are going to bring you valuable news and tips to help you stay productive and safe operating your business while using modern IT systems. We provide a wide range of IT and IP services.

Not Just another IT Consultancy.


We will comment on Internet Security, We will update you on the Spectre and Meltdown situation and what you should be looking out for and how Kingstar and our partners will be able to help you. It is vital that you are covered with the best solution that not only protects you but does not retard you systems.

With GDPR on the horizon we will help you make sure that you are taking as much care to protect you data. Securing remote access to you network with VPN and 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) as well as Encryption


Companies still need phones, both mobile and desk. but are you making the best use of technology and another important question are you paying to much. If you hade a major systems failure or power failure at you office can you still make outgoing and receive incoming calls. A missed call or deadline will cost money.

Other considerations

We can help with productivity (365, Cloud Storage email etc.) Connectivity, Broadband both office and mobile.

If would like to find out more about what we can do for you the just drop us a line click here we will get back to you.

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