Security is Paramount

Malware and Data Security

Keeping your data safe has to be first  priority

Kingstar Services can provide you with a comprehensive range of security solutions to help you protect your data and more importantly your companies reputation.

Prevention being always better than a cure

We can help you spot trouble before is hits.


A Comprehensive Approach

Protecting your data has to be the most important part of your IT policy. GDPR among other things is concerned with ensuring your customers and your staff are protected against data leeks and breaches. Our range of encryption products are designed to give your the peace of mind you need.

Data Backup

Data loss can be devistating

We all know that backing up your data is important. Even more so now that certain individuals are trying to hold companies to ransom over there data.

We can ensure , not only that deleted file can be recovered but also you cant be held to ransom over loosing access to your systems.