Keep your office running smoothly

Kingstar Services Ltd can support equipment already purchased by your organisation or where required provide new as well as re-furbished hardware where appropriate. Our priority on all things is the quality and reliability of goods and services supplied to you.


·         We provide custom built as well as “badged” machines HP and Dell for use on site or in co-located premises. Again after discussions to determine the most appropriate device suited to your needs, allowing for growth into the future, we can provide machines with Microsoft Server software; Server 2016/19 full or essentials, Exchange, SharePoint etc. Also we can provide Linux based servers. We can also provide hosted servers where appropriate.

Workstations / Laptops

·         The most important factor in selecting an appropriate Workstation or Laptop is that it is fit for purpose, this may seem an obvious thing to say, however with such a range of computer equipment on the market Kingstar Services will look at what is required of the machine and provide the most suitable. Requirements of the machine may be simple office based work, the need to work from home, or more specialist needs requiring a higher performance device. Cost is always important so we will resource the machine from the supplier most appropriate to the defined need.


Networking Hardware

·         Kingstar Services work with the top providers of networking hardware. Most notably Netgear who provide Routers, Switches and other security devices for the most demanding situations. All of our business grade networking equipment are supplied with free extended hardware warranties with next day replacement. Ensuring the maximum of business continuity. In the unlikely event of a failure we can provide loan equipment to keep you up and running.

Other required equipment

·         Printers

·         Copiers

·         Security Equipment

·         Projectors

·         Specialist Keyboards and Mice can be supplied as needed with the same level of care.

Telecoms Equipment

·         A full range of telecoms equipment and services are available for Kingstar Services, Please refer to our telecoms page for further detail.