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Delivering better connected businesses

It is fair to say today that one of the most important or the most important part of your office systems is the connection to the outside world, be it Telephone or Internet. Technology has now reached a point where maintaining access to your key systems and data is easier than ever, so making sure you have the best access to the outside world is even more critical.

Maybe you simply need to improve the speed at one specific site, or maybe it’s a secure, private wide area network (WAN) that you need – whatever the breadth of your requirements we’ll talk you through all your connectivity options. 

Our connectivity portfolio underpins everything we do; we use the latest technologies, making them easy to implement and use, from ADSL and fibre internet connections to fully managed bespoke wide area networks across multiple UK sites. We pride ourselves in providing network infrastructure solutions that are built with the flexibility to adapt to your changing business needs.

Through our Connect solutions you can access and share data more efficiently, allow users to better collaborate across your organisation and enhance the way you interact with your customers by providing a reliable and seamless experience. 

Products Range:

  • Kingstar ADSL+

  • Kingstar Bonded ADSL

  • Kingstar Fibre

All products supplied by Kingstar Connect Broadband is monitored to ensure a exceptional level of reliability and service backed by an award winning network.