• Philip

Windows 11 does not have to break the banks.

Don’t spend out £££££££ to replace your old machines and keep your carbon footprint down.

Microsoft have published requirements for Windows 11. Although some older machines will not match the requirements some will. As will everything what do you want the machine to do for you? Your equipment should serve you not the other way around. Get you currant equipment checked to see if they are compatible. Microsoft may say there are not ready but that does not mean they are not compatible. A simple tweak may sort it or a low-cost upgrade may bring it up to scratch.

If your machine is not able to cope. Make sure you get the best machine for the best price and also make sure your old one does not add you the carbon issue.

A refurbished PC with a proper warranty is perfect for most office-based tasks. If your task requires a lot of processing power, you may need a new one. But as I have said most will not need the level of spend.

Give us a call and we will carry out a free review of your hardware to see what you need to replace and what can tweak.

Save Money and save the environment.

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