Security Review

Are you total sure that you and your systems are completely secure? With the increased threat of data intrusions, malware, phishing, hacking and ransomware. GDPR becomes not only a legal requirement to protect client data let alone a moral one. With the backing of a best of bread partners including Eset and Kownbe4 we can help to ensure that your organisation is fully protected.

By inviting us in to give your systems the once over we can advise on any possible problems that can be fixed and with your subsequent approval we can implement suitable solutions.

Increase your internet security, make sure all your devices are covered.

We can also make sure that you are aware of email Phishing and that you are your staff know what to look out for. Prevention is better than a cure 

Check on what backups you are running and again ensure they are good and secure.

Secure vulnerable devices, such as laptops, workstations, removable media and even email to ensure data is totally secure and accessible to only authorised personnel.

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